Imagine a workplace that engages each person to use their strengths to collectively achieve shared goals.  Imagine straight-forward leadership principles which can easily be implemented into your daily practice and set you and your team up for success.  This insight inspired the creation of a leadership development practice called KP Mylene, where services and programs are dedicated to provide coaching and mentoring to those pursuing management positions.

About Arnie Wohlgemut, President and Coach
Throughout his career, Arnie has seen the power of leadership: in his work place, in his community and in his personal life.  His leadership abilities have enabled him to hold senior management positions in regional government, Ontario school boards, and provincial associations.  He was selected to work on projects for the Ontario Ministry of Education, the Ontario Association of School Business Officials and the Trillium Foundation.  Exercising innovative and foundational leadership values, Arnie enhanced management skills at all levels of these organizations.

Photo By Darlene Watson

Arnie is passionate about supporting new or emerging leaders.  He is committed to walking alongside both individuals and teams; inspiring them to be successful leaders.  With the recent addition of John Maxwell’s learning systems to the suite of services, Arnie is dedicated to providing assistance that creates long term success for supervisors and managers.

Arnie is a Higher Ground Leadership® Coach, Mentor and Trainer of the Secretan Centre, Inc.  He also an Independent Certified Coach, Teacher and Speaker of The John Maxwell Team.  The D.I.C.E. Principle of Today’s Leader™ and The Poker Chip Theory™ – Investing in Workplace Relationships are among the many programs designed and offered by Arnie Wohlgemut.

“My vision is to walk alongside leaders: motivating and inspiring them to be their best. As a coach, mentor and trainer, I guide leaders to refresh their skills, think out of the box and achieve great things.”
Arnie Wohlgemut

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