10 accomplishments I’ll never use in my resume…

10 Accomplishments I’ll Never Use In My Resume…  By Arnie Wohlgemut

I’ve recently read a book by Julio Melara called “It Only Takes Everything You’ve Got!” In it he includes a chapter – The Value of Failing. He lists jobs he’s done but keeps those accomplishments to himself but the lessons he learned through the experiences have lasted a lifetime.

What an interesting idea — after all, reflection turns experience into insight.

So here goes. A little insight into my past and the lessons that have lasted a lifetime:

  • Construction helping hand: my first summer job. I was 14 years old and my role as a helping hand was digging trenches. Lesson learned: Education was in my future. I don’t want to do this again, ever!
  • Electrician’s helper (15). Lesson learned: Learn the lingo of those you serve and that getting it right the first time is a lot easier.
  • Stock boy for an electrical contractor. Lesson learned: if the job’s going to get done, the parts need to be in stock.
  • Grocery bag packer at the supermarket. Lesson learned: not squishing their bread earns you a tip.
  • Waste management crew at the supermarket (this was a promotion from packer). Lesson learned: taking out the garbage without making a mess is an essential life-skill, who knew?
  • Overnight shift in an auto parts factory. Lesson learned: liking what you do matters. I really hated this job.
  • Electrical service on a farm. Lesson learned: somebody has to do the job no one else wants to do.
  • Maintenance crew in a textile mill. Lesson learned: it’s important to have well-oiled machines, hot bearings and motors start fires.
  • Trainee in a car detailing shop. Lesson learned: the little details are a pain but details are valuable.
  • Part time bartender. Lesson learned: people love it when you remember their name (and their poison).

So there you have it, a short walk in my shoes – so to speak. What are your lessons learned?