Catch the Tiger by the Toe …

Catch the Tiger by the Toe … – By Arnie Wohlgemut

An organization’s success is depended on one leadership attribute: being decisive.

We all know people who have a hard time making decisions.  Recently I saw a commercial from a sandwich chain that offered a different sandwich every day to help people make a choice.  In my experience, not being decisive has a negative effect on staff and the organization.

First, a leader who can’t make a decision severely cripples an organization.

I’ve heard staff complaining that nothing ever gets done – especially after a big meeting.  They simply sit in their cubical without knowing the expected next steps.  Instead, they wait for their leader, thinking: “I’ll never get that hour back.”

On the other hand, decisive organizations make waves.  Apple is successful today because their leader was decisive.  Steve Jobs provided clarity of focus.  He insisted on consistent measurements and evaluations of success. Decisions are easy when there is a clear goal.  Jobs was decisive: if it didn’t meet the goal it was nixed.

Secondly, without a goal and measurable action items, you’ll never be effective.

Note that I said action items.  These are things that lead to a predictable outcome; things you must do.  You cannot wait for “Sally” in the next office or “Joe” the sales manager.

Act on the things you have control over!

Thirdly, being decisive builds confidence.

Not knowing what to do next is the largest de-motivator in organizations today.  A lack of clarity is a major contributor to leaders not being decisive.

Steve Jobs provided clarity.  The whole team knew the direction they were taking when the iPod was in design.  Because they had clarity, every decision at all levels of the organization was simplified.

Want staff who are focused?  Provide clarity and be a decisive leader!  You will never have all the facts. In the time you use to gather facts, situations change and now you’re faced with a new set of decisions.  Take charge, set goals, be decisive!