Consistent Cam and Dependable Dorothy …

Consistent Cam and Dependable Dorothy … – By Arnie Wohlgemut

Bob worked for a facilities management division of a government agency. Every day as he walked into the office he would stop and greet the receptionist. Part of his routine was noble. He really was a pleasant man.

But there was an underlying strategy to his morning routine; he was really figuring out which “boss” was in the office. This would help him plan his day. If the grumpy boss was in, he was out. If the congenial boss, warm to his ideas, was in, he was in.

This really happened. It’s not a story I made up (names are changed!).

All I could think was: “What the Heck?!”

This team deserved more. The emotional moods of the boss should not determine the effectiveness of the team. Bob’s boss made no effort to leave the problems of the home life at the door. His emotive roller coaster left the whole team on edge.

Consistency, consistency, consistency!

Issues of the day can’t always wait until you’re in a better mood. People need a consistent leader to follow. One they can count on; one whose decisions are predicable; one who clearly knows that people matter.

In my experience, consistency builds trust. A leader who is consistent in decision-making is one that staff will trust. They know each decision will stick and they are empowered to make their own decisions based on that consistency.

They are not afraid to take action.

Who are you when you show up at the office?