Cool Shades, Sunny Days

Cool Shades, Sunny Days – By Arnie Wohlgemut

“Experience is the best teacher,” he said trying to comfort me. The disappointment must have been written all over my face. My plans didn’t deliver the results hoped for. I didn’t even know what the lesson was!

Over the years I have had to drive some distance to get to work. Friends and family didn’t understand why I was okay doing this. They tried influencing me through logic: long drives; heavy traffic; poor weather. They didn’t get it – everything they needed was right in their backyard.

But my willingness to drive longer distances opened up new experiences that I may never have had. On the way I listened to audio books and had time to reflect on the day. The drive was an important part of my daily routine.

John Maxwell says it best, “Reflection turns experience into insight”.

I strongly encourage you to find your own way to reflect on what happens in your life. Whether its a long drive with cool shades on or relaxing in your favourite place on a sunny day. Make it a priority.