Gratitude and Recognition

Gratitude and Recognition – By Arnie Wohlgemut

“I appreciate you.” “Thank you.” “Nice job”  Many kind words we don’t hear that often.  When they are said with sincerity, they can inspire someone to keep going and, more than that, to thrive.

I was enjoying the sun.  The sky was blue and the sand was white.  An elderly gentleman was working to clean up the beach, picking up after all the ungrateful tourists.  I bent over and picked up my empty cups and passed them to him.  He smiled politely and held open the bag.  He was doing a job many of us would not do, at least not by choice.  As I watched his face, he seemed so happy to have a job, no matter how menial it was.  I instantly reached into my pocket and passed him a tip to thank him for a job well done.  The reaction was priceless.  In a raspy voice he said, “God Bless You.”

I tell you this not to impress you, but to impress upon you that we should always recognize people — wherever you are, no matter how small the job, no matter the season.