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The Story behind the Name: KP Mylene

KP Mylene honours my history and my life aspiration.

Let me explain.

KP:  Karl Petri, my maternal grandfather, was a man of great courage and unreasonable faith.  He and his young family came to Canada after WW2 with virtually nothing except a vision, hope for a better life and tremendous courage to start over.  He led his family as a man of faith, honouring God through hard work and honesty.  God honoured their faith and their success beyond what they could have ever imagined.  This heritage of faith, hard work and honesty impacted who I am today.  In honour of my parents and grandparents, I chose to use the initials of the only grandfather I knew.

Mylene:   Mylene (mee-LEN) is French.  It means Mercy.  I chose it to remind me of who I choose to be.  Being a leader is never easy – I know, I have been in leadership roles for the past 35 years.  But the rewards are inspiring.  True leaders are open and vulnerable.  In my own experiences, I came across team members, jealous colleagues and even my own bosses, who have attempted to destroy my reputation and character.  Leaning on the lesson learned from my parents and grandparents, I choose mercy, even in times of unfair and unreasonable attacks to my integrity.

Arnie Wohlgemut