“Hey Boss, Cut Back on the Coffee!”

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“Hey Boss, Cut Back on the Coffee!” By Arnie Wohlgemut

I’ve been thinking; how many staff members have the courage to say that?

About 20 years ago, I was visiting my friend at his home.  He and his wife were hosting an open house before Christmas for supporters and friends of his newly formed ministry.  While at the refreshment table, a young fellow I’ll call “Matt” offered me a coffee.  I declined.

A brief conversation continued where Matt made the case: drinking coffee at events like this was a social convention.  “You should try it sometime!” he said.

Well I did, not that day, but soon after. I quickly learned to love my coffee. I’ve been enjoying it for a long time now. I love it bold, with cream no sugar.  Yes – I’m sweet enough! LOL

A few years ago, one of my staff boldly pointed out that I might be drinking too much coffee.  You see, “Jim” was always a straight shooter and he noticed what was happening.  Apparently, I get jittery and short with people after several cups.  Who knew?!

It was a wakeup call, but not for the reasons you think.

I have always practiced simple but critical values.  I love helping people become more than they thought they could be and I want to be consistent in how I treated people at work.

Coffee – too much coffee – changed my behaviour and that was NOT good. 

Being short with people, not giving of my time when they needed it was not adding value or contributing to their success.  From then on, I was keenly aware of how much coffee I drank.  You see, it was important for me to be me. But it was even more important to those who worked for me!

I challenge you: What prevents you from being who you say you are?

Thanks “Jim”!


Arnie Wohlgemut is the Senior Coach and President of KP Mylene | Building to Lead.  A leadership development company passionate about supporting new or emerging leaders with unique and exciting resources that inspire them to reach their potential.