Jellyfish – By Arnie Wohlgemut

Jellyfish are interesting creatures. They float nearly invisible in the ocean waters. They don’t look the least bit threatening. But if part of your body touches them, well, let’s just say it’s not very pleasant. I understand it’s a self-protection response against predators. Yet if you hold them in your hand, they don’t sting.

I’ve met a few jellyfish in my life.

Jellyfish coworkers are those that float around and appear to be harmless. But if trouble gets too close, watch out! They leave their mark. Hold them “in your hand” and things calm down. All they really want is respect and to be left to do their job.

In management, I found that one of my challenges was to figure out how to get the “jellyfish” to participate. To work along with others yet give them the space to float along at their own speed and be successful.

We all have jellyfishes in our lives. Heck we may have been jellyfishes ourselves. I for one found that the minute I started to encourage, mentor and empower my jellyfishes, I was rewarded with the pleasure of success.