Management Fundamental: Communicate with Clarity

Management Fundamental: Communicate with Clarity – By Arnie Wohlgemut

Almost by definition, “fundamentals” aren’t difficult to achieve. That’s why we call them fundamentals – we’re all capable of executing them.

To communicate with clarity requires three equal parts of: decision, determination, discipline.

One of my workshop participants pointed out that communication with clarity is a business fundamental. She went on to say, “Email is a perfect way to be misunderstood.”

I agree.

I learned this the hard way when a staff member demanded an explanation within a few moments of receiving an email I sent on a specific issue.
My email seemed perfectly clear to me; not so much to him.

Then is struck me!

I was short, impersonal and dismissive. I thought about how we write other emails – emails that aren’t that important. We go into great detail about our vacations, our weekends, our opinions and the game last night. But when we need to communicate something important we reduce it to an impersonal email.

I was determined to be a better communicator.

That day I developed my first fundamental management rule: “Good news, bad news and complex decisions are delivered in person.”

No hiding behind email.


I challenge you to practice this fundamental rule of leadership and communicate with clarity.