Leadership Coaching and Mentoring

“The task of the leader is to get his people from where they are to where they have not been."

Henry Kissinger

It has been said, a leader inspires and leads people, while managers engage in the running of the organization. Effective leaders are able to do both.
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Leadership Coaching & Mentoring Sessions

In today’s world, organizations and employees long to be inspired by effective leaders. Those leaders focus on goals, develop good working relationships while being a positive role model.
As a coach and mentor, I am dedicated to help you get past your unconscious limiting beliefs helping you become the leader you choose to be.

Team Building Sessions

“Character Makes Trust Possible; Trust Makes Leadership Possible."

Scott Fay

As a team we can accomplish more than any one person. As a cohesive team focused on a goal, the possibilities are endless.
Team building sessions address 4 key areas of REAL team work.
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About these Team Building Sessions

• Relationships with each other (mutual respect, natural work energies and communication),

• Effective Progress (goal review, actionable tasks and execution principles),

• Accountability (do what you said you would; do it when you said you would do it),

• Learning (Personal and team growth plan development and team assessment tools)

Management Development Topics

We offer a wide variety of topics that can enhance your personal or team goals.
"Managers Impact Change™" series topics:

- Investing in Workplace Relationships. The key to your success.

- 4 Habits. What they are, how they can benefit your team and how they can define your character!
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Seminar & Workshop Topics Con't

- Your Inner Leader. Insights into our self-leadership challenges.
- The C.A.S.T.L.E. Principles©. Live these principles and you will be an inspiring person.
"Leadership Basics™" series topics:
- Laying the Foundation
- Building Blocks for Success
Establish your skill and knowledge of proven leadership principles.


Hosted by Idea Powerhouse SDN BHD - Your Knowledge Solution. Malaysia.
This course covers the tools, techniques and technology employed in contemporary facility management.

Hosted by Idea Powerhouse - Your Knowledge Solution.

This program will give mid-level Facility Professionals, the tools and resources they will need to sustain a safe, comfortable, clean and cost effective building.
This course covers a body of knowledge that includes the management of business processes, people, and technology, resources to ensure the functionality of the built environment and achieve strategic objectives for their organizations.

Leadership Basics: Laying the Foundation

Mastermind Group Study sessions are planned for 2017!
Designed for like-minded leaders who want to take their lives, personally and professionally, to a new level.
We focus on as many as 12 core leadership principles, as you engage with other driven leaders.

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Together, we will learn how to effectively raise our leadership skills by understanding and implementing many of the principles of the 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership.

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PM EXPO 2016 ~ Did you miss it? ~ Read about the workshop!

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"Advance Your Facility Manager Profile"
“How can I prove to management the importance of their facilities, and of my department?”
Regardless whether you are a senior management or new to the field, this workshop will provide you insight on how to identify opportunities to advance your FM profile.

This Session Was a Success!!

The scope and practice of facility management (FM) is often misunderstood.
Most people regard it as simply building maintenance, repair, cleaning and handling the nuts and bolts of running facilities. In fact, those are only a part of the responsibilities handled by the FM Department. You will broaden your thinking, enhance your performance, and strengthen your competencies to take small-step actions towards excellence.

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