Signals – By Arnie Wohlgemut

When I was a young boy I learned to skate.  My brother and I would spend hours playing hockey on the public rink across the street.  Mom instituted a signal system.  This way we knew when to come home for supper or bed.  It was quite simple.  She or my dad would turn the front porch light on and off until we were on our way.

In our lives, there are often times when we see “a signal”.

Maybe it’s to step back from what we were doing.  Maybe it’s time to stop talking!  Ouch.

Or maybe it’s a good time to start that new idea.  Timing is everything.  I know from experience!

There were times when my ego or stubbornness caused me to ignore the signs.  Let me tell you, putting both feet in my mouth is not pleasant.

But here’s a trick I learned early in my leadership experience:

Take a piece of paper and draw a line down the middle.  We’re about to make two lists.

On the left side, list some good decisions you have made.  On the right side, list some bad decisions you have made.  Really – do this now. I’m not asking you to share 🙂  I just want you to reflect on your experiences.

Now take a look. How many good decisions were a result of your intuition?  Good because timing was great?  Are there any bad decisions where you missed the signal?  Good idea – bad timing?

“Reflection turns experience into insight.”  John Maxwell

Reflecting on our experiences is important.  That’s how we can learn to follow our instincts.  It builds our intuitive skill and timing.